Gold as an Investment

Why should I invest in gold ingots you may be asking? Consider this, for all of recorded history, gold has been a mainstay in currency. Some cultures have experimented with other objects as currency, i.e. paper, rock, seashells, rare jewels, etc. etc. But nothing has been a more steadfast investment than that of gold. Whether in bullion form, or in the form of gold ingots; it is sure to be a lasting investment. Besides the chemical traits of gold; resistant to chemical wear, does not stain, tarnish, wear down, etc. etc.

Gold, being relatively rare is valued anywhere in the world as currency it is durable, unlike the paper money that is used by most countries as currency, and will never wear out. A small amount taken anywhere in the world will be sure to trade for any currency you could imagine, whether it be the Rupee, Peso, or the Euro. Many companies offer gold ingots in the size of a credit card, weighing in at about one gram to two and a half grams. The smallest of these sell for about $50 U.S. Of course the price of gold ingots or bullion will vary from day to day depending on the markets.

If the stock market were to crash, some research shows that gold will increase in value for 15 days immediately following the crash, because many investors sell off other stocks and invest in gold. Generally after these fifteen days, gold will return to its normal prices; making it a sure investment no matter the state of the rest of the stock markets.

Another reason for investing in gold is that it’s value tends to increase as the currency decreases. It has been suggested that all people trading in stocks should have a well diversified portfolio that includes gold, although it is suggested that gold should never be your only investment.